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Big Cock Vs Small Cock Competition

Wendy is having some drinks with her boyfriend John and three other friends when the conversation gets turned to sausages. She jokes about her John’s having a small one down his pants, which he obviously denies. But when Valentina makes her own boyfriend show what he is made of by taking his trousers off, John has no choice left but to do the same. Matt’s cock gets hard and big very quickly, while John’s small dick doesn’t get any bigger past its original size of just a few inches long. The girls burst out laughing after seeing his pathetic cock which is a no contender in this competition…

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Being embarrassed in front of your friends by one of your family members is something you want to avoid. A trap in which Nikki falls into when she and her best girlfriend catch her step-brother masturbating on porn in his bedroom. He gets uncomfortable not because of the fact that he jerks off his cock, but how small his dick actually is…

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Lodger With Small Dick Humiliation

Eva and Miranda makes their freeloading lodger pay with his body to them. However, when they see him naked and his little dick gets revealed they change their mind and through him away. The rent was due and the girls suggested their male roommate to satisfy them sexually. They strip him off and get shocked at how small his cock really is. They then decide to stroke it in hope it will get any bigger, but it doesn’t. And even when they flash him their tits his dick gets harder but no longer, before erupting a little spunk on the floor…

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Fat Guy With Little Dick

Emma and Krystal spend afternoon talking to Rebecca about what girls usually do - their boyfriends. Rebecca boasts that her new boyfriend is well hung and a true monster in bed. Imagine the surprise on Emma and Krystal’s faces when the two found a fat guy that nearly fills two person tub completely with his body - the alleged boyfriend - in the bathroom of their shared apartment. The two try to insult him saying that he looks like Fat Bastard from the movie. That’s when the guy makes a mistake of mentioning his cock size, which is impressive only because it is extremely small…

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Small Cock Repair Man Fix

Red is spending time with two of her female friends Sally and Samara when a repair man arrives to fix her washing machine. Once he is done she offers him an alternative form of payment she is more used to as a porn star which includes giving him a handjob by three beautiful ladies. Before the man even agrees they start to remove his clothes but soon their excitement turns to laughter when they find something in his pants that barely resembles a grown man’s cock. The women start poking and pointing at his small cock and balls and even give it a stroke…

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Auditioning for porn film is a stressful thing for any male as one’s confidence can be ruined completely. Such happens to this black guy who shows up for inspection held by sexy girls while being confident about the size of his dick. He surely hasn’t watched any porn films before as he would new otherwise that his two inches doesn’t measure up to this industry standards…

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Small Cock Exam At Dentist

Small black guy Jon shows up at his routine medical check-up. There is nothing wrong with his teeth but female dentist and her assistant can’t help but notice how small Jon is, his hands, fingers, feet. They ask him if his cock is small too, on which Jon replies that he is quite big down there and decides to demonstrate it to the girls. He pulls his pants and underwear down which makes both girls cry out in shock as they see his tiny cock. Dentist starts to stroke it in her rubber gloves to see if it gets any bigger, but they are still not impressed. They laugh and humiliate him even more…

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Old guy with small dick gets tricked into playing strip poker with two naughty chicks. The three agree to go out when suddenly girls change their mind and suggest to stay in and play cards instead. Surely, the guy couldn’t even think of a better entertainment than seeing these two girls strip naked for him. But he gets cheated into the game and that’s him who gets to strip and then endure humiliation…

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Small Dick Male Stripper Humiliation

Donna calls a stripper for her friend Emma’s birthday and the girls expect a well-hung guy with big muscles and huge cock. Their first disappointment come when they first see a middle-height guy with a bit of fat wearing a police uniform who walks into the room. He then starts to undress to reveal his non-existent muscles which further disappoints both girls who now understands that there will be no fun for them tonight. But their biggest disappointment awaits them inside this self-proclaimed male stripper’s pants. He has a small dick! During the rest of the evening girls mock and laugh at him trying to get their money worth…

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